3 Popular Types of Wrist Watch Straps And Their Best USage

Types of wrist watch strapsWrist watches comes in diverse colors, shapes and sizes. Another of its accessories that comes in different types and colors is the strap. The strap of any wrist watch is the part that normally fasten round our wrist making the watch to stay securely without falling off whether we are walking briskly, running, jumping or even cycling. Wrist watches comes with different straps all carefully designed and fabricated to meet specific needs and preferences of the watch wearer.

In this short and comprehensive article, we will be examining some of the commonest types of watch straps and the usage which they are best designed to be used for.

Popular Wrist Watch Straps

Leather Timepiece Strap – leather is perhaps one of the most popular and well known watch strap. It has been leather timepiece strappresent right from the inception of wrist watches. A lot of people favors this type of watch strap over other for a number of reasons. For one, it is very comfortable and light round the wrist. Most people have confessed not being aware of wearing a wrist watch after a period of time because of how lightweight they are. For this single benefit of leather watch straps, a lot of folks are very comfortable wearing their leather strap timepiece for an extended period of time without any issue what so ever.

Another powerful motive why most people favor this type of strap over others is because of how closely associated it is to formal and corporate attires and outfits. Leather straps are commonly known to go well with formal and corporate attires. That is in no way saying that they cannot be used for casual outings as well. The Bulova Men’s 96B104 which is completely reviewed on this best watches under 200 page is a classic example of a wrist watch with genuine and authentic leather strap for both casual and formal outing purposes.

wrist watch chain braceletChain Bracelet – this is yet another popular and well know watch strap. Unlike the leather which is known to be highly comfortable and lightweight, the chain bracelet on the other hand may not be as comfortable and lightweight. One of the many complaints against chain bracelet is that it can easily trap hairs around the wrist region thus making the wearer to become highly uncomfortable every time an hair get caught in the spaces between the bracelet.

The ones that are designed and fabricated using titanium are more comfortable and also light in weight. So they offer a good option for those looking to purchase wrist watches with chain bracelets that are super comfortable and also light in weight. The Con here is that titanium bracelets are often very pricey and the good ones often fall within watches under 1000 price range.

rubber timepiece strapRubber Strap – The last but not the least is the timepiece rubber strap. This is also a well-known and popular strap in the market. It mostly loved by many because it is super cheap and highly affordable to get a replacement should the one that came fitted with the watch becomes damaged. They are water resistant unlike leather and chain bracelets and as such are more durable and not easily damaged by moisture. Watches that are fitted with this kind of strap are often used for sporting and other outdoor events.

Car Wash Soap – How to Maintain Your Car

Soap for washing carsBuying a nice and beautiful is important but what is even more important is caring and maintaining that automobile to continue to look new and neat at the same time maintaining its original looks and luster shines. Most people think that caring for your new automobile to make look neat and clean all the time is a very tedious and time consuming task. Heck! Others even agree with themselves that not only is it a difficult and time-consuming task but is also a very expensive activity that if care is not taken might drain your long savings out.

Well that is not entirely true as you could care and maintain your automobile to last longer and still look neat, clean and tidy without even spending too much of your hard earn money.

In the following paragraphs, we will be discussing how this can be achieve is simple and easy step while saving time and cost at the same time simultaneously.

Make Use of Authentic Car wash: choosing the right and proper automobile soap for use in washing your car is among the many ways that you can help retain and maintain the original color and shines of your automobile. A good car washing soap not only helps remove all stains that may have stick to your car body while driving but will also help in making the color still look original as when you first bought and drove it out of the car dealer stand.

Since there are lots of car washing products available both online and local retail stores it is thus imperative that you carefully read and go through some of the best car wash soap reviews in order to be well informed and educated in successfully choosing the right one that will be suitable for your kind of car.

Use the Right Color of Car Wax: Waxing your automobiles is another great way to make it looks shining and pleasing to the eyes. There are lots of products out there that claims to be the best but actually does a very poor job of what it claims to do best. So you should really be careful to ensure that you only buy the correct ones for your car. For instance, if you own a black color car, then you should mostly opt for the best wax for black cars brands as those will help retain the original color of your black car.